Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

psychotherapy-pixIndividual psychotherapy is a great way to integrate changes from neurofeedback sessions into everyday life.  You’ll learn to recognize and shift long-standing maladaptive patterns as well as gain tools for managing anxiety, depression, or other challenges.

Couple’s therapy gives you support in bringing new skills and expanded awareness into your closest relationships, deepening connection and authenticity. What would it be like to get curious instead of furious? Learn essential and practical relationship tools including how to communicate effectively, de-­escalate conflicts, and promote good will in order to shift stuck places in your relationship. Couples also can benefit from neurofeedback for relationship support. These skills apply to all types of relationships: intimate partners, family members, and friends.  

Unlike talk-oriented therapy, somatic psychotherapy can help you to move beyond an intellectual understanding of yourself and more into embodied living. Through mindfulness, unifying awareness of your mind and body, you can connect more deeply to your inner wisdom, learn to set boundaries, expand your emotional capacity, as well as give and receive love more deeply.

Sessions are typically 50 or 75 minutes weekly. 75-minute sessions are usually recommended for couples.

Learn more about Aimee Pomerleau, LMFT. Currently Aimee’s practice is full, but she can provide referrals for you to work with another therapist to help you integrate your neurofeedback trainings.