Client Reviews

I used to have panic attacks and daily anxiety that affected my health in many areas. After seeing Langdon and his team at The Center, I have not had a single panic attack and my anxiety has been reduced immensely. My life has been transformed – thank you.




Clare T.

I was advised to go to The Center by Dr. Richard Bernstein, whom I was seeing for chronic back pain. For the past 20 years I’ve suffered from recurring headaches, migraines, and back pain due to fibromyalgia. I also have panic attacks and anxiety.

Neurofeedback training has helped me greatly. Although I still get back pain and chronic migraines, my pain is less severe than before. I’ve learned how to release the brain chemicals that make me feel more relaxed and peaceful. I’ve learned how to lower my heart rate, which makes me feel calmer and helps decrease my overall anxiety. I used to have panic attacks when I would feel a migraine coming on. Since going to The Center, my panic attacks have decreased by 90%. I use some of the techniques I’ve learned to lessen the severity of a migraine when it hits. Instead of lasting all day, my migraines last only a few hours, which is a remarkable change.

The folks at The Center are very easy to work with, kind, and knowledgeable. The majority of my sessions are with Langdon. As well as a neuroscientist, he is a licensed massage therapist, and he uses a combination of neurofeedback and massage, which is beneficial and very effective.



Dana B.

At 59 years old, life had become unbearably difficult for me. Each day I hoped and prayed that God would take me so I wouldn’t have to feel the pain and the shame of being depressed anymore! I wouldn’t have to keep searching for someone who could help me deal with a psychosomatic illness that many doctors refused to believe was real!

I have no idea what possessed me to walk into a place advertising “Transformational Neurophysiology” (now the Santa Cruz Neurofeedback Center), but that’s exactly what I did! As I was about to “chicken out,” this young man introduced himself as Langdon. He spoke in a soft and pleasant tone that allowed me to tell him my story:

I have suffered from severe & debilitating depression since age 13. At age 39, I experienced my first of ten stays at the Mental Health Unit. Most recently, at age 56, I began having seizures and temporary bouts of paralysis. I was observed at Stanford Hospital for twelve days and was diagnosed with a psychosomatic illness known as “Conversion Disorder” or another way of saying it is “anger turned inward.” It was the opinion at Stanford that a major cause of my disorder was from not speaking up for myself in my 34 years of marriage.

I was desperate to find help! How was I to take care of my six children while experiencing sudden seizures and paralysis! I told Langdon that as I searched for professional help for my “Conversion Disorder” I realized that either the professionals knew nothing about this disorder or that they felt that conversion disorder was not real, but merely a person “performing” symptoms to get attention! . . .

When Langdon was reviewing the findings of my brain map, I was overwhelmed and in tears! This was actually MY BRAIN and it proved to me that I was NOT the cause of my depression! I wasn’t weak and not trying hard enough to get out of bed! He actually showed me what specific areas in my brain showed that I had depression. My first sign of hope! I cried tears of joy! It was the beginning of a long journey that I was now more committed than ever to work hard at! My illness is not “in my head” as I have been told! It is in my brain!!! …

The most powerful motivation for me was Langdon’s positive demeanor as I would train a certain part of my brain. Langdon’s encouraging words of “beautiful” and “nice work” helped me feel successful and determined. Little did I know until just recently that for the first year I had really made little progress due to the depth of my depression. If he had told me that then instead of praising my efforts, I would have given up. But because of Langdon’s positive manner and my determination to work as hard as I possibly could, I am a success!

Now I can say that I love life and I want to be a part of it! I don’t feel the “darkness” underneath the surface and if I do, it is a “gray” undercurrent that I have learned to trust that it will pass. I can laugh now and enjoy the sound of it! I am genuine! I don’t have to pretend that I’m fine! I have something to give the world!

I want others to experience the transformation that I have been able to experience. I hope that others will try to find help just one more time before they give up hope. I hope that those seeking help will walk in the door of the sign that reads, “Center for Transformational Neurophysiology” and tell their story to them just as I did. My brain map was the beginning of hope that has given me the determination to have a second chance of living and knowing that I have something to offer others.! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Terri L., (excerpted)